About Us

About Us

Twenty-one years ago, we (Paulo and Arlene) moved to St. Augustine from Miami and opened a small restaurant called El Gallinero, which the locals christened with the nickname "The Chicken Coop". After a couple of years and with much sadness, we sold the restaurant to embark in a new adventure: Sweet Weddings Cake Designs! And now, after 18 years of making couples happy with our creations we are fortunate enough to once again open the doors to the public as Parfait Pastry shop!!

Parfait Pastry Shop offers a mix of flavors, those of our Brazilian and Cuban roots entangled with other European influences. Inspired by the beautiful pastry shops and cafes from Spain, Portugal, Italy and France we welcome our clients to a fun and relaxed space with a classic flair and authentic flavors! 

How We Got Started

Paulo grew up watching his family of Italian descent cooking and baking for any occasion. His parents, having owned several restaurants and bakeries in Brazil, influenced and guided him to own his first restaurant in Brazil at the age of 21. Arlene, who has an architectural design degree, found the love for cooking and baking by chance, once they moved to Saint Augustine and noticed the appreciation that her clients had for anything she created.

Parfait Pastry Shop has come to life almost as a repeat of our original bakery from 22 years ago. Our local clients will be happy to see and enjoy many of their favorite items again, such as our delicious chicken salad, black bean soup, eclairs, napoleons and so much more!